Your Step-by-Step Guide to Feeling God's Love

What if You Could Experience the Love and Mercy of God, Every Day?  YOU CAN.

Through Scripture, stories, examples and exercises, Gateways to God reveals a pathway to a live of God's love—not just as an idea, but as a living, breathing reality. 

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You’ll Discover:

  • How to seek God's love through your problems, rather than in spite of them
  • How to be made new by repentance, rather than suffering about the past
  • How to receive God's gift of grace, and experience the flow of God's love for you
  • How to overflow with mercy—even for the parts of you that seem hard to forgive
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  • Reading this book was a great joy—I expect it to be used in a big way by Christians looking for healing.”

    Lyman Coleman

    Author of The Serendipity Bible and creator of the Christian Marriage Encounter
  • As a pastor I have found that many Christians know the teachings of God’s Word, but because of the stresses of life do not know how to ‘take off of the old and put on of the new.’ Thank you for providing a wonderful guidebook to help us live out our faith in our loving merciful, gracious God and His Son Jesus.”

    Rev. Douglas Harsch

    Northwest Fellowship Baptist Church, Chicago
  • Gateways To God tenderly takes readers
    by the hand and leads them into the very presence of God
    where they can discover the depths of His grace, bask in the light of His mercy, and experience the extent of His incomparable love.”


  • I believe Gateways to God could change many, many lives. The content and the writing are anointed by God for great blessing in this world. Dmitri Bilgere offers practical tools for how to uncover our faces, and to see God as He truly is.”


    Creator of the Shame to Honor workshop for women, facilitator of the Four Connects workshop, and co-creator of Marriage Mission

Dmitri Bilgere

About the Author

Dmitri Bilgere is on a mission to reveal God’s mercy. Since 1990 he’s led work- shops all over the USA, Canada, England and South Africa; written, blogged and created videos; and coached one-on-one telephone sessions. His previous book is Beyond the Blame Game: Creating Compassion and Ending the Sex War in Your Life.
He lives with his wife, Fawn, in Madison, Wisconsin.

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